Dry Margarita

Dry Margarita

The other day a coworker told a story of when she went to a restaurant and ordered a margarita. The server returned to ask if she wanted it dry or extra dry. Wisely, she opted for a beer instead. This got me thinking, though, what would a “dry margarita” actually be? I decided to apply the proportions and technique of the martini to the ingredients of the margarita, but Sasen took the idea the other way, suggesting more martini-like ingredients with margarita prep, so that might be a future post…

2.5 oz reposado tequila (Distinqt)
0.5 oz orange liqueur (Cointreau)
Lime peel
Kosher salt 

Stir and strain into glass with half-salted rim
Express lime peel and float as garnish

This actually came out pretty well, it had the strong boozy character of a dry martini, but with the some of the flavors of the margarita. The salt rim is mostly for show, as without the sourness of the lime juice you don’t actually want that much salt. I’d also probably go for a more complex tequila with this, the Distinqt is fine for mixing, but doesn’t really shine as the star of the show.

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