Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic

A warm weather classic and one of the safest things to order a wedding reception (experts* agree that the Jack and Coke is perhaps the most durable choice at the wedding, hotel, or airplane). That said, it’s kind of annoying to keep tonic water at home unless you’re having a party or drinking it every day. You could keep small bottles of tonic on hand, but unless they’re precisely the amount you want, there’s still like 2 oz of left over tonic water—that’s the sort of thing that makes me twitchier than it really useful.

Thus, it was revolutionary for me when I discovered tonic syrup. Tonic is just a soda and, like all soda, is easiest to store and tastiest to drink when the syrup and the soda water is kept separately and combined à la minute. Sure the contents of a seltzer bottle don’t always line up with my cocktail needs, but I’m much happier to just drink the rest by itself or use it for some other warm-weather cocktail. I’ve tried both Tomr’s and Jack Rudy and would happily recommend both.

2 oz gin (New Amsterdam)
1 oz tonic syrup (Jack Rudy)
4 oz seltzer

Stir gin, syrup, and ice in a collins glass
Add seltzer to cover and stir gently to combine
Garnish with a lime wheel (or wedge)

* my drinking companions last time this subject came up


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