JT Sour

JT Sour

I was flipping through the cocktail log for inspiration and found a series of six entries on the same night three years ago that all seemed to involve apricot liqueur. I’m not sure why we did that, as the notes are silent on our motives, but one of the recipes caught my eye. The one below it was marked with a frowny-face, so I figured this one must have been better that that at least… Along with motivation, this recipe also lacked proportions, except for noting that there was 1/4 tsp of Jerry Thomas bitters, so I recreated as best I could from there.

2 oz burbon (Bulliet)
0.5 oz lemon juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
0.25 tsp bitters (Jerry Thomas)
0.25 tsp apricot liqueur

Shake and strain
Express a lemon peel over the top and include

This worked out surprisingly well! On one hand, that shouldn’t be too surprising, as it is a variant on the whiskey sour, but on the other hand I didn’t actually bother to look up a whiskey sour recipe… This was smooth and refreshing. The lemon was the dominant flavor, with the rest supporting well. I’m not sure that the apricot liqueur was really that noticeable flavor-wise, but it improved the aroma a bit. Would make again, especially as the weather gets warmer.


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