Cinnamon About Town

Cinnamon About TownThe last several years we’ve thrown a New Year’s Eve party with a theme ingredient for both drinks and food (look for more of these drinks in future posts). This year’s theme ingredient was cinnamon, which proven as versatile as we’d hoped. This drink is a twist on the Boulevardier (from which the bad pun name derives), itself a variant of the Negroni.

1 oz cinnamon whiskey (Fireball)
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth (Punt E Mes)

Stir and strain
No garnish

This is a bracing cocktail with the sharpness of the cinnamon initially clashing with the bitter of the Campari and the Punt E Mes, but actually working together quite well. It’s not exactly smooth, but it stays interesting even after it warms a bit. Fireball cocktails tend to be a bit one-note, but this manages to be more of a discordant chord, including that you might want to resolve the evening with a more harmonious chaser.


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