Martha Washington’s Rum Punch

Rum Punch Fruit MixtureI recently threw a party and didn’t want to be tending bar the whole time, so decided to try a few punch recipes. The party was presidentially themed, so inspiration came from a friend sending me a list of presidents’ favorite drinks. My favorite of the night, however, was Martha Washington’s Rum Punch. I followed the LUPEC recipe exactly (with Kraken for the dark rum, Don Q for the white rum, and an ancient bottle of cheap triple sec for the orange curaçao), so I’m not going to reprint it here, but I can assure you it is worth drinking! The combination of citrus and spice is excellent and while I served it cold, we were pretty sure that it would happily serve as a warm drink as well.

Pictured here was a 1/3-size test batch of the juice mixture. I ended up making a double batch for the party and that was a good quantity, but took up way more space. If you leave all the fruit in the serving vessel, a single batch will want a gallon-sized container. The juice mixture needs to be made a day ahead and the leftovers of the final punch were tasty for another couple of days.


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